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Modifications of Court Orders in Austin

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When a divorce is finalized, the final legal paperwork is known as a divorce decree. These decrees are legally binding and cannot be changed; however, an Austin family law attorney could assist you in modifying portions of your decree under certain circumstances. At FMLT, we understand that your life can change after a divorce, and sometimes, there will be a need to modify portions of your divorce decree to help ensure continued support, assistance, and legal compliance in your post-dissolution lives.

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Life Changes. Your Court Orders Should Change with It.

Most divorce decrees and court orders regarding possession of children or child support are rendered on the basis of a set of facts that naturally change over time. Under certain changed circumstances, child custody and/or child support orders can be modified to fit a current or impending situation, such as a new job or the reality of one party wanting to move. These are only a few examples of circumstances that may merit modification. There are many ways that current court orders may no longer be in the best interest of the children or the parties and have in fact become inappropriate.

Reasons for Requesting a Modification

Someone may need a modification for many reasons after a divorce. If you are facing any complications with your divorce terms, FMLT may be able to help.

Possible reasons for obtaining a modification include:

  • You are looking to move away from the area where your divorce was finalized
  • A sudden illness or medical emergency involving a minor child requires additional financial assistance
  • A change in employment status has occurred for one of the ex-spouses
  • Visitation schedules or parenting time commitments need to be modified for other reasons

Of course, each person's situation is unique, and your options may vary when it comes to obtaining a modification. If you are looking to make a modification or enforce a modification, we encourage you to contact our office.

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Friday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC works diligently for their clients to assist them in getting child support and/or child custody order modified where possible. If you want to know if your situation would merit a change in a prior court order, give us a call and we will tell you whether or not it is in your best interest to pursue a change. Like other family law-related matters, modifications can be realized without the need for court hearings and trials through mediation, arbitration, and the collaborative law process.

These options are often less expensive than going to court. Our Austin divorce attorneys also recognize that sometimes going to court and getting in front of a judge is the only way modifications of court orders and other family law-related matters will be resolved. In such situations, our lawyers are ready to assist their clients in being strong courtroom advocates.

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