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Gestational Agreements in Austin

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Some families face unique situations where they need a gestational mother to bear their child. Gestational mothers are those who bear a child for another woman who has not contributed her own eggs and does not have a genetic relationship to the child.

Validating and Enforcing an Agreement in Texas

The state of Texas has taken bold steps to provide laws that allow for the creation of enforceable "gestational agreements" that protect both potential parents and gestational mothers. There are a number of emotional and legal issues involved in the creation and enforcement of gestational agreements. It is critical that all parties are in agreement and that the agreement is valid, clear, and enforceable.

The agreement must outline these aspects for all parties:

  • Intent
  • Expectations
  • Protections

If you are considering a gestational mother to bear your child or are a considering acting as a gestational mother, contact us to set up a confidential consultation.

Benefits of a Gestational Agreement

There are many advantages to having a gestational agreement between the intended parent and the gestational mother, including:

  • They are valid and enforceable in Texas
  • The surrogate may be compensated
  • Intended parents are recognized as the legal parents of the child
  • No need for adoption or other legal work

Because Texas law validates gestational agreements, it is very helpful to obtain a gestational agreement for security and maximum benefits.

Do you have surrogacy issues?

Under Texas law, a specific procedure is undergone for gestational agreements to be validated and recognized by the court. The proper legal procedures need to be taken in the right order so that the intended parents will be the final legal parents of the child. At Friday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC, we can help you through the process to ensure that your rights are protected.

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