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Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Austin

What is collaborative divorce?

Families who are experiencing disputes during their divorce cases may benefit from the collaborative divorce strategy. This method is designed to help clients resolve their disputes using a structured legal process. As an alternative to litigation, it may be a positive choice to help you and your family maintain relationships and reduce the stress involved in the situation.

When two divorcing parties both agree to resolve all aspects of their divorce without going to court, the collaborative law process can effectively work. The idea behind collaborative law is that both parties, no matter what disagreements they have, will have to work together to come to a mutual agreement on the terms of the divorce.

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Is the collaborative divorce process right for us?

In many cases, our clients are able to successfully negotiate each element of divorce in an amicable manner without having to go to court. We can take every reasonable effort to settle your case in the best manner possible. If this is not the route for you, however, we will provide you with honest counsel to put you on the right track toward achieving a successful outcome.

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When you pursue a collaborative law divorce, both parties agree that they will not go to court or even threaten the other party with litigation. The collaborative law process will immediately terminate as soon as any party threatens or pursues action in court. If you are serious about pursuing collaborative law divorce, contact our firm to set up a confidential consultation.

At FMLT, we know that the collaborative process is not right for all parties. We can assess your case and help you determine whether this is the best route for you. Ultimately, our goal is to help you through your divorce case in the least dramatic and most efficient manner possible. We want to assist you through your situation and are prepared to serve you, no matter what route your case takes.